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Dave Ewing

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After 20 years, I still love doing what I get to do.

Some of us have this ability (and opportunity!) to lay out form, color and text- and have it all make sense. It can move people from merely seeing what a brand offers to feeling how a brand can change their life..

We are the creatives. The designers and the communicators of values. We are the bringers of "wow" and I humbly get to be one of them.

My education and background in marketing give me a unique design perspective. Using the right balance of aesthetics + function to effectively engage users/consumers (ahem, people) is a subtle skill that requires finesse... and I’m down for that challenge.

If it sounds like we may be a great fit, then send me a note through the form, email me directly, DM me via social icons below or call/text. I look forward to chatting.

If you’re interested in seeing my resume - click here.