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Dave Ewing

Designer Protein: Rebrand + Launch

CLIENT + ROLE: Designer Protein | creative direction + strategy, graphic design, photography, video concept, storyboard + copywriting

PROJECT: Massive rebrand for 25 year legacy brand/company Designer Protein. From logo and colors to packaging, digital assets and apparel. We wanted to convey a sense of movement, fitness and innovation via the simple + sporty arrow mark strategically placed to the right side of the text. There is nothing in its way- it pulls the company forward and operates as tip of the spear in all facets of business.

The mark is utilized as a device to contain use case as well as lifestyle photography showcasing the user living the benefits-driven life of the supplement. A true 360 campaign that hits on every major consumer touchpoint - it served as the guiding light and north star for a company on the eve of reinventing itself for the next quarter century.