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Dave is the best designer I have worked with in my 30+ year career.

Dave is the best designer I have worked with in my career. We worked together for almost four years. During that period, Dave significantly upgraded the design aesthetics of our brands and the overall company. He created a signature "look" that brought our mission and values to life and set our brands apart from others in the category.

Dave never let limited resources get in the way of great design. His creativity is boundless as is his ability to introduce structure and order out of ambiguity. He is strong in both B2C and B2B.

He never missed a project deadline despite compressed and often unrealistic timelines. He is a big picture thinker but he's also capable of getting down into the details of execution that translate into a highly professional and polished look.

Dave goes above and beyond to be a supportive leader and mentor to his team. He is a natural and gifted teacher - it was a constant theme in 360 feedback. He is a big personality with a huge capacity to add fun to an entire organization. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Dave.

Jan Hall: CEO @ M2 Ingredients | Designer Protein, POM Wonderful, Neutrogena, Coca Cola

It is rare that a ‘creative’ deep dives into desired consumer behavior.

It is rare that a 'creative' deep dives into desired consumer behavior. He asks the tough questions and explores a range of ideas to develop the best creative solution.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dave Ewing at Designer Protein and worked on a number of projects together. His passion, creativity and flawless execution consistently met, or exceeded our objectives, and elevated the brand.

He is also fun to work with and makes everyone around him better.

Mark Woolsey: Founder + CEO @ Mark Woolsey Consulting Group | DC Shoes, AND1, Nike, BBDO Worldwide

Dave is a machine.

Dave is a machine. His dedication and passion for his creative output en route to driving brand/business success are truly admirable. Dave is one of the more committed individuals I have met.

As our one-stop creative agency, Dave worked tirelessly, creatively, efficiently, and dependably across a volume of packaging and other creative asset development initiatives. I was always amazed by his productivity and on-demand creativity - across so many verticals.

Outside of his creative capabilities, his genuine interest in the business and the welfare of the team are traits that set him apart from so many.

Grace Jeon: Founding CEO @ JUST Goods | Designer Protein, Fiji Water, Sweetwater Energy, KeepCool, Pharmavite

Dave loves design and his passion for great design comes through in his work and attitude.

Dave loves design and his passion for great design comes through in his work and attitude. Dave's process seems to be unique in that he immerses himself into the entire marketplace considering everything in the development and vision of the brand, attending to every detail but always encouraging and listening to feedback. In the world of FMCG there is nobody quicker or more nimble than Dave Ewing.

He is also an exceptional manager with a natural ability to lead by empowering his people to achieve results above and beyond what they believe they can accomplish. When faced with adversity and outside challenges Dave exudes positivity and problem solves quickly with the goal to keep projects and cost on track.

Dave and I have worked together since 2010. He has a great sense of humor and manages to bring laughter throughout the halls with his gifted singing and B-sides knowledge..  

Dave's understanding of brand importance and the power of simplicity would make him an asset to any company beginning the branding process or looking to improve their brand presence in the marketplace.

Shawn Sherwood: VP Product Development @ Designer Protein | Next Proteins, Fizzique, Nutrition Mart

In addition to his strong background in design, Dave thinks with a marketing mind.

Dave is a tremendous asset to any team. He has an unparalleled knowledge of design and is able to break it down into easily understood terms for any non-creative. During my time working with him, he taught me so much about the process of creative and how to speak “design language" so that our teams could integrate efficiently, something that will be a valuable skill for me throughout the rest of my career. 

In addition to his strong background in design, Dave thinks with a marketing mind. Typically creative and marketing teams don't see eye to eye, but with Dave's strategic understanding of marketing, he was able to brainstorm with me as an extension of the marketing team and help translate my ideas into effective campaigns.

As a team of one at the company, having this type of relationship was crucial to my work. The perfect creative yin to any marketer's yang!

Kelly Meyer: Digital Director @ Be Social | Designer Protein, Stance Socks, HEB

Dave is by far one of THE most talented Creative Directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

His knowledge base, strategic thought process, overall conceptual method + creativity is unmatched. He knows his what it takes to get the job done, sets expectations + exceeds them. Dave cultivates creative excellency.

Not only is Dave's skillset essential to any successful team, but his personality + character light up the room. He is sure to make you laugh on the daily.

I would also love to see Dave in a mentorship/teaching space as I think other creatives could truly learn a LOT from him. With his charisma and excellent communication skills, he would be the positive force to help shape other's creative journey.

Annie Crandall: Marketing Manager @ Designer Protein | Pop2Life, iostudio, Tooth & Nail Records, World Vision

When it comes to design, I couldn’t think of a better mentor, boss, leader, and creative to work with.

I’ve learned so much from Dave, I don’t even know where to begin. His knowledge stems far beyond the creative workspace with an obvious passion for leadership, business, and company culture. Dave is always looking for new, innovative ways to approach the constant flow of projects in order to best represent the company. 

As my boss, he has inspired me to think outside the box, push the envelope just a little further, and challenge my creative abilities. Because of this, my skills in design, photography, and video have grown tremendously. 

Dave is a creative director who is approachable, positive, eager to teach, and hungry to learn. He keeps the stereotypical office vibes at bay with his positive attitude and high energy.

Danielle Guyder: Graphic Designer + Photographer @ Designer Protein | Averyhouse, @properties, Purdue University

His willingness to give back to young designers on his own dime speaks volumes about his character.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dave. He is a talented, energetic, insightful and creative graphic designer. In addition to admiring his experience and stellar portfolio, over the past few years I have watched him give back to young designers by donating his time to the California SkillsUSA program. Through his efforts high school and college graphic design students from across California test their skills at graphic design by completing mock project assignments he creates. Each year these students gather for three days and meet with him for a crash course in advertising design.

More than just a competition, Dave creates a comprehensive experience for all participating students by doing workshops and portfolio reviews which each individual. Following the event and after the winners are chosen, all students get the opportunity to review their work with him getting insightful feedback that helps them understand what will make their work better.

His willingness to give back to young designers on his own dime speaks volumes about his character. He will be a valuable asset to any company or studio that has the good sense to hire him.

Patrick Scullin: Graphics + Digital Media Professor @ Riverside City College | Upper Deck Entertainment, Super Siblings, Scullin Illustrations, Vertical Advertising

David has a rare ability uncommon to other designers I have ever worked with.

David has the rare ability uncommon to other designers I have ever worked with. He is able to not only generate creative genius on projects (and read the minds of those who are not creative by nature), but he also manages the business side of his work. He creates unique artwork and asset packages for different clients in a timely manner, juggles multiple vendors at different levels of production, and is decisive in his execution - this translates into creative work that tells the story for the client, efficiently and effectively.

As Creative Director for Davis Communications Group, David was responsible for all creative assets and design oversight for our client projects and initiatives. In over six years I have never had a complaint or issue arise with his work or his effectiveness. In addition to his creativity, he solves problems, executes objectives and is a leader among his team. Our business has expanded directly due to his expertise, his direction and professionalism.

I highly recommend David for any lead role in a creative department or company managing other related staff.

Erin Davis: Owner + Principal @ Davis Communications Group | California Rangeland Trust, California Cattlemen’s Association, American Simmental Association