some have this innate ability

to match color, form & type and to confidently lay it all out in a way that makes sense.

and some of the some have spent the better part of their lives developing their unique craft.

we are the creatives. the designers. the communicators and problem solvers.

we are the official bringers of "wow" and i get to be one of them.

so much in life is about fit.

the right fit has a certain feeling to it - like a tee shirt worn a hundred times over.

i'm not looking for work.  i don't need a job.

i want to be a part of something bigger than myself - something that requires all of me (not just the creative, but the person).

i want to bring value and be valued in return (and in that order).

we're all looking for a great fit. 

are we each other's missing piece?

not all builders use a hammer

design-wise, brands begin to build their reputation, end customer base & profits with a logo


the standard for communicating values, promises and relevant content


measurable outcomes & the ability to adjust in real-time make a brand's digital presence paramount


far from dead - printed materials still have appropriate applications


we still want to touch & feel a brand beyond our phones and laptops - to know it's real & authentic



we absolutely judge books by their covers and products by their packaging


grossly saturated spaces & pay-to-play games require strategic & creative solutions


praise always means more coming from someone else


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let's chat & see if we're a great fit

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